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Velvet is going to be EVERYWHERE this year, so get your hands on a few key pieces now! This snuggly stuff is ideal for staying out late in the cold weather and it’s hard to go wrong with something so versatile. Whether you go for a shirt, dress or jacket, it’ll add brilliant texture to any outfit.

Choose rich colours and wear with leather for a night out. Want to dress it down? Velvet looks amazing when it’s kept casual too; just pair it with sneakers and a pair of jeans for laid back, 90s vibes.

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It doesn’t get much more practical than sheepskin, does it? Cosy, comfy and pretty darn cool, these coats have been around for decades and they’re making a comeback again this year.

Why not mix it up – flight jackets are a great way to add some sheepskin to your look, while fleece-lined denim jackets are a lighter way to wear this trend. Add a pair of bootcut jeans, throw on some big sunglasses and you’re on your way to a 70s classic.

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Don’t pack your denim jackets away just yet, autumn brings the in-between weather and we all know what that means – layering! The trusty old denim jacket is always a great investment piece and it’ll give you endless options this autumn. Don’t be afraid to wrap up with a few sweaters underneath.

Want to spice it up a little? Embellishments are on trend this year, from painted denim to sequins and patches, so if you’re feeling creative, don’t hold back. Keep it classy with a bit of lace trim, or go all out and grab the fabric paints.

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A few good sweaters are always a must, but why go plain when you can have so much fun with patterns? Experiment with Chunky Aztec designs to make a bold statement – or go subtle with a cable knit to add some texture.

Choose earth tones for a classic autumnal look, or go for a burst of colour to really make your outfit pop. But most importantly, you can never have too many jumpers!

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